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Application For Grant – Required Information


  • Grant applicants must be tax-exempt organizations which are not private foundations and must be located in Barnstable County, Massachusetts.
  • Your application will be considered incomplete until all information is received.
  • Unfinished applications may be deleted after six months.

You’ll need to submit the following information:

  • Full name and contact information of organization.
  • Statement of what organization is chartered to do, with reference to authorizing agency and date of authorization. INCLUDE COPY OF ARTICLES OF ORGANIZATION.*
  • Copy of tax-exempt status letter, and a complete copy of the IRS determination letter regarding your private foundation status.* The Foundation does not grant financial assistance to other private foundations
  • Copy of most recent Form 990 as filed with the IRS, or, if none, a copy of its filing with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office.*
  • Names and addresses of all Officers, Trustees or Directors of the organization.
  • Details of project to be funded: purpose, description, need, location, How the project will accomplish its objectives, duration of project (beginning and ending dates)
  • Budget for project: List all position titles, such as directors, consultants, etc.; annual salaries; percent applicable to project; materials, services, supplies (telephone, etc.), all equipment; travel and other items; total budget ($).
  • Three bank and/or other references.*
  • Copies of the two (2) most recent annual financial statements and details of total current income (including sources and expenses for the latest year).
  • Indicate the amount of support for the proposed project from other sources, and whether a request has been submitted to any other agency or organization to fund this project.
  • How will the awarding of this grant request serve the purposes of the foundation in enhancing the health and welfare of the inhabitants of Barnstable County.
  • Have you applied for funding from the Kelley Foundation within the last three years? If so, please give a brief summary of the project and results.
You’ll also be required to sign a statement verifying that the tax exemption status of the organization has not been altered or revoked, nor is such alteration or revocation being contemplated to the best of your knowledge.

If funds are awarded:

  • At the end of the period for which funds are requested, the organization agrees to file a report to include a certified detailed report of expenditures from grant, and a detailed statement of accomplishments in relation to the purposes set forth in the items above.
  • The Kelley Foundation reserves the right to publicize information concerning any grant which may be awarded and to submit copies of this application to other foundations which may be considering the possibility of awarding funds to the applicant.
* Include one copy with the original grant request only. Additional copies of grant application, if requested, need not include this information.
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