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Mission & Vision

The Kelley Foundation is a leader in fostering the means for improving the quality of life for the residents of Cape Cod. The organization’s members and board of directors represent a broad cross-section of the commercial, professional and social service life of the community.

Kelley Foundation grants are highly diversified, often innovative, and reach into almost every aspect of life on the Cape. Along with substantial grants to support the Cape Cod Healthcare Foundations, grants have been made to a variety of other health, social, service, and cultural organizations.

The foundation’s grants are sometimes used as seed money by young organizations and serve to recommend them to other larger off-Cape funding sources. In this way, the dollars of these grants are leveraged and may produce substantial future results for the recipients.

Contributing to the Kelley Foundation provides a unique opportunity to join this established organization with a long, substantial record of support to the Cape-wide community. The foundation qualifies under the IRS as a private foundation and contributions and bequests are eligible for applicable federal income and estate tax charitable deductions. Gifts may be general or restricted, such as a memorial with a specific purpose. Lifetime gifts of cash or appreciated publicly traded securities are encouraged. Testamentary bequests may be any form of property.

Potential donors are invited to contact DeWitt Davenport, Foundation Manager, or any foundation member for further details. In the case of larger gifts, it is suggested that the donor’s attorney or accountant consult with the foundation in order that an appropriate form of gift may be chosen.

As the requests of the foundation increase in size and number, the need for contributions increases, and the opportunity to join in this work becomes increasingly attractive to those seeking an established and effective means of helping the people of Cape Cod.

In summary, the Kelley Foundation can provide such tax incentives as are allowed by law, substantially reducing the out-of-pocket cost of a gift, while offering significant and humanitarian benefits to the Cape community.

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