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Kelley Foundation RN-BS Scholarship Program


The Kelley Foundation’s mission is to continue the charitable legacy of Edward Bangs and Elza Kelley to make immediate, significant, and positive impacts to the lives of Cape Cod residents. We are accepting scholarship applications from residents of Barnstable, Dukes, Nantucket, Plymouth, and Suffolk counties who are in their last two years of undergraduate studies in the Nursing Program at Cape Cod Community College.

The Kelley Foundation Scholars Program is a fund of The Cape Cod Foundation. The application link below will take you to The Cape Cod Foundation online portal for scholarships. Once you complete your registration, the program will take you to the Kelley Foundation scholarship application.

Applications must be received by April 1, 2020.

Personal interviews are an integral part of the scholarship granting process. All scholarships will be based on need, ability, grades and proven desire in the field of nursing. Scholarships are granted on a year to year basis, without commitments for continuous funding.

Program Objectives

  • To help make college affordable, leaving scholars with a reasonable loan burden upon graduation
  • To help scholars achieve academic success
  • To help scholars reach their full potential and go on to be successful and highly productive members of society
  • To create a network of scholars who encourage and support one another
  • To support scholars in finding meaningful summer experiences, internships and/or work opportunities on the Cape
  • To prepare scholars for careers post-graduation and/or graduate school
  • To encourage scholars to participate in their campus and community
  • To encourage recognition and pride in being a Kelley Foundation RN-BS Scholar

Selection Criteria

Students are selected for the Kelley Foundation Scholars Program based on the following criteria:

  • Strong academic record or demonstration of significant improvement over time
  • Ability and motivation to achieve in college
  • Involvement in a range of community, school, and work activities, exhibiting leadership potential and a desire to make a meaningful contribution to society
  • Demonstrated financial need
    Current enrollment at the University of
  • Massachusetts Boston, RN-BS program at Cape Cod Community College

Scholar Responsibilities/Expectations

  • Maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Productive summer experiences (some combination of work, internships, volunteering, classes, etc.)
  • Timely submission of all program materials:
    • College transcripts for all schools attended to date
    • Renewal application
    • Two letters of recommendation (these may be from an adviser, employer, mentor, etc.)
    • Other forms as requested
  • Inform the RN-BS Scholarship Program of any changes in scholar contact information (email, phone number, address at school, address at home)
  • Give back/volunteer
  • Responsiveness to emails and correspondence from RN-BS Scholarship Program coordinator


Transcript and application and/or renewal submission deadline is April 1. Submit mid-year transcript and bill from the bursar’s office to the RN-BS Scholarship Program coordinator.

Evaluation and Feedback

We request that students write a brief evaluation of the RN-BS Scholarship Program and their experience with the Kelley Foundation at the conclusion of each scholarship year.


In addition to the RN-BS Scholarship Program , the Kelley Foundation is offering a limited number of scholarships to students pursuing an ASN degree at Cape Cod Community College. Please contact the Kelley Foundation for additional information at

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