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The Kelley Foundation Scholars Program aims to:

  • Help scholars achieve academic success and reach their full potential
  • Create a network of scholars who encourage and support one another
  • Support scholars in finding meaningful summer experiences, internships and/or work opportunities on Cape Cod
  • Prepare scholars for careers post-graduation and/or graduate school
  • Encourage scholars to participate in their campus and community
  • Promote recognition and pride in being a Kelley Foundation Scholar

Scholarships are available to students who are currently enrolled in the nursing program at Cape Cod Community College with a preference for residents of Barnstable County. Priority is given to students in the RN-BS program at Cape Cod Community College through University of Massachusetts Boston, but students in the ASN Program at Cape Cod Community College may also be considered. Scholarships are up to $10,000 disbursed over four semesters. Recipients must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA and continue studying nursing.

Students are selected for the Kelley Foundation Scholars Program based on the following criteria:

  • Strong academic record or demonstration of significant improvement over time
  • Ability and motivation to achieve in college
  • Involvement in a range of community, school, and work activities, exhibiting leadership potential and a desire to make a meaningful contribution to society
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Proven desire in the field of nursing

To Apply
The Kelley Foundation Scholars Program is a component fund of The Cape Cod Foundation. To apply, please register through the online portal for scholarships and complete The Cape Cod Foundation Universal Application.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities
To learn about additional scholarship opportunities available through The Cape Cod Foundation, please visit: Scholarships – Cape Cod Foundation

Rose Bennet, North Eastham
2022 Scholarship Recipient
“I was shocked when I found out I was the recipient of this scholarship. There are so many deserving nursing students, and I am so honored and humbled to be the recipient. This scholarship not only offers financial peace of mind, but lifts my spirits knowing that my life, challenges, and perseverance to overcome were recognized. With your help, there is no reason for me to delay this next step in my educational track. Thank you so much.”

Aimee Whiteley

Aimee Whiteley, Centerville
2021 Scholarship Recipient

“It would be impossible to put into words exactly what this scholarship means to me, but I will try. Going to school is more than a career path for me, it is also a matter of setting a good example for my three children.  Demonstrating hard work, determination, caring for others, and prioritization are important to me so that I can lead by example.  My children do not need to follow in my footsteps, but I hope to show them how to be good humans, and not just humans…[This scholarship] allows me to focus solely on my education and caring for my family, while alleviating the mental burdens of financing such an ambitious goal.” 

Donald Johnson

Donald Johnson, West Barnstable
2021 Scholarship Recipient

“This scholarship means very much to me. At the moment, I am working two jobs to save for school, one as a CNA at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and one as an Emergency Center Tech at Cape Cod Hospital. I am also enrolled in a Pharmacology Class for the summer. Without this scholarship, I would have to work very long shifts or back-to-back shifts to make ends meet with my tuition and other life expenses. However, because of this very generous scholarship, I will be able to work less and be able to focus on my schooling more to ensure I am the most competent nurse I could possibly be… My dream job would be working on Cape Cod as a Nurse Practitioner.”


Courtney Spencer

Courtney Spencer, Buzzards Bay
2021 Scholarship Recipient

“With my son’s birth at 22 weeks and 2 days of gestation, I found an amazing world in the Neonatal intensive care unit. This has led me to my current place in life, working towards a neonatal care research career.  The first step is completing my associate degree in Nursing at Cape Cod Community College then my BSN from UMASS Boston.  Next I will be able to apply for Ph.D. programs. While earning a Ph.D. in Nursing is a career goal on its own, it is what I will be doing afterward that I am most excited about. What saved my son’s life was data and research. My career goal is to work and publish research on the care of periviable neonates to enhance their survival chances and outcomes…I believe this would be a fulfilling career where I could contribute to the store of medical knowledge and give back to the community that saved my son.”


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